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Get & Let us put you On the digital map.


Connecting businesses, brands, products and services to the web.

When it comes to marketing, connects your business, company, product, brand or service to the web  and the PowerListings Network. Our Partners in this GeoMarketing Cloud consist of a virtual who's who of tech companies, including: Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing and Yelp, to name only a few of this powerhouse of the biggest technology companies in the world.  Below is the list of our partners that comprise the this GeoMarketing Cloud we call the Powerlistings Network.

Free GeoMarketing Cloud Scan

Run a Geomarketing Cloud Search

Using this Free GeoMarketing Cloud Search Tool, scan the GeoMarketing Cloud for your business listings(or any business)

What do we do for you?

We integrate your company, brand and services into the vast network of participating publishing platforms in the GeoMarketing Cloud.  We bring your company, products, services, website, social media, address, phone numbers, email addresses, business description, hours of operation, maps and more.  That information is broadcast to every mobile device, tablet and desktop computer.  This is the most powerful form of advertising and marketing ever developed. 

Are you Off or On?

Simple question.  You are either "On" and taking advantage of digital media and technology, or you are "Off". This technology is for all businesses of all categories and sizes globally.  From Citibank to "Mom & Pop's Pizzeria" on the corner to the dry cleaner, restaurant, car dealer, accountant and lawyer, everyone needs this technology and currently less than 2% of businesses are connected to the Powerlistings geomarketing cloud.  

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